XCMG XD120 Road Roller

A New Generation of Road Roller with Premium Technology and Componentry.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

2700 kg

Engine Power

33 HP

Drum Width

1200 mm



The XCMG XD120 vibratory road roller is a new generation of technology and maximised performance. XCMG makes full use of its international R&D platform to integrate global technology and produce completely independent roller designs.

As a result, the XD120 roller is uniquely efficient, durable, versatile, safe and consistent – as well as being simple to operate, maintain and service. With worldwide renown for its performance and value for money, the XD120 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a 2-3 tonne roller solution for any application or industry.

Equipped with a reliable and powerful Kubota 33 horsepower engine, heavy duty large diameter drum, proportional ASC closed loop hydraulic drive and 2 vibration frequencies, the XD120 offer significant reliability, efficiency, comfort and control.

  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-MainHero
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-WaterSprayers
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-Engine2
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-DrumWheel
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-Controls
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-Engine
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-Hero
  • XCMG-XD120-Vibratory-Roller-2Tonne-Newcastle-Brisbane-Perth-1


Key Performance Specs

Engine:Kubota D1803-CR-E5B or D1703
Rated Power:24 kW / 33 HP
Rated Speed:2400 RPM
Operating Weight:2700 kg (approx)
Static Load Front Drum:110 N/cm
Static Load Rear Drum:110 N/cm
Operating Speeds:0-10 km/h
Theoretical Gradeability:30 %
Min Turn Radius (internal / external):2250 / 3450 mm

Additional Specs

Drum Type:Smooth
Vibration Frequency:63/67 Hz
Nominal Amplitute:0.5 mm
Vibration Force:36/41 kN
Drum Diameter:720 mm
Drum Width:1200 mm
Oscillation Angle:+- 8 Degrees


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