XCMG GR2605 Grader

The XCMG GR2605 grader is the benchmark of graders in its 19 tonne size class.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

19000 kg

Engine Power

260 HP


9448 mm



The XCMG GR2605 grader is the benchmark of graders in its 19 tonne size class. XCMG makes full use of its international R&D platform to integrate global technology and produce completely independent designs.

As a result, the GR2605 grader is durable, reliable, safe and comfortable – as well as being efficient to maintain. Renowned worldwide for its performance and value for money, the GR2605 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a 19 tonne grader for any application or industry.

Equipped with a Cummins QSL8.9 engine, slewing bearing and overload protection circle drive, wet brake drive axle, a spacious and comfortable ROPS&FOPS cab and electronic parking system, the entire grader offers significant reliability, efficiency, comfort and control.


Key Performance Specs

Operating Weight:19000 kg (approx)
Engine:Cummins QSL8.9
Length:9448 mm
Width:2625 mm
Height:3472 mm
Tyre Spec:17.5R25
Ground Clearance (Front Axle):592 mm
Tread:2156 mm
Axle Distance (Front to Rear):6465 mm
Tread Between Middle and Rear Wheel:1622 mm
Forward Speed (km/h):4.9 / 8 / 11 / 17.9 / 24.7 / 40.2
Rearward Speed (km/h):4.9 / 11 / 24.7

Filling Capacities

Coolant:50 L (approx)
Fuel Tank:418 L
Engine Oil:24 L
Transmission Oil:38 L
Tandem Oil:Each 85 L
Drive Axle:44 L
Hydraulic Oil:193 L

Additional Specs

Traction Force f=0.75:>99kN
Max Gradeability:>25%
Tyre Inflation Pressure:425 kPa
Working System Pressure:24.5 Mpa
Transmission Pressure:1.85-2.2 Mpa
Max Steering Angle Front Wheel:~49 Degrees
Max Tilt Angle Front Wheel:~18 Degrees
Max Swing Angle Front Axle:~16 Degrees
Max Swing Angle of Tandem:Front 15 Deg / Rear 15 Deg
Max Steering Angle of Frame:~25 Degrees
Max Turning Radius:7.6m

Blade Specs

Max Lift Height:452 mm
Max Shoveling Depth:755 mm
Max Tilt Angle:90 Degrees
Cutting Angle:Front 40 Deg / Rear 5 Deg
Slewing Angle:360 Degrees
Length x Chord Height:3965 x 610 mm


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