Terex Positrack Loaders

PT30, PT50, PT70, PT80, PT100, PT110, R265T

Searching for a new Terex Posi-Track Skid Steer Loader?

Please note that as of 2018, Terex Posi-Track Loaders have changed their branding to become ASV Posi-Track Loaders.

ASV are the original designers, manufacturers and owners of the Posi-Track trademarked brand, and invented the Posi-Track undercarriage that is now so widely loved throughout Australia.

ASV Posi-Track Loaders offer all the same great features of Terex Positracks, plus more!





Examples of superseded Terex Posi-Track models and their ASV counterparts are listed below:
Terex ModelASV Nearest Equivalent
Terex PT-30 Posi-Track (PT30)ASV RT-25 Posi-Track
Terex R265T Posi-TrackASV RT-40 Posi-Track
Terex PT-50 Posi-Track (PT50)ASV RT-50 Posi-Track
Terex PT-60 Posi-Track (PT60)ASV RT-65 Posi-Track
Terex PT-70 Posi-Track (PT70)ASV VT-70 High Output Posi-Track
Terex ModelASV Nearest Equivalent
Terex PT-80 Posi-Track (PT80)ASV RT-75 / RT-75HD Posi-Track
Terex PT-100G Posi-Track (PT100G)ASV RT-75 Posi-Track
Terex PT-100G Forestry Posi-Track (PT100G F)ASV RT-75HD Posi-Track
Terex PT-110 Posi-Track (PT110)ASV RT-120 Posi-Track
Terex PT-110 Forestry Posi-Track (PT110F)ASV RT-120 Forestry Posi-Track
Terex Posi-Track Service, Parts & Support:

ASV Sales & Service and our network of dealer partners remain authorised Terex Posi-Track service representatives and can undertake any scheduled, unscheduled or emergency repairs on Terex machines.

We also continue to carry thousands of parts in our warehouses to ensure your Terex machine has replacement parts available quickly and easily. For less common or unusual parts requests, we can also order specific parts to suit your needs direct from the manufacturer or their designated suppliers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any parts, service or support enquiry relating to your Terex Posi-Track Loader.


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