Compact Stumpex for Skid Steers

Suits 37-61+ LPM Skid Steers, Posi-Tracks & Bobcats

Quick Specs

Max Cut

280 mm

Flow LPM



181 kg

Suits SSL




Introducing Fecon Australia’s Compact Stumpex – a reduced size but highly capable skid steer stump grinder with an auger-style rotational grinder, which shaves the stump into a fine end product with extreme efficiency and low disturbance.

The slow rotation, high torque attachment can grind 10 to 28cm+ diameter stumps down 30cm+ in just 90 seconds without flinging cuttings in a wide arc. Using a screw tip work tool and down pressure, the Stumpex first secures itself into the stump and then quickly cuts it from the center using two flail cutting edges.

In comparison with a typical stump grinder that turns around 700 to 800 rpms, the Stumpex has a large reduction gear box and only turns at 20-35 rpm. And instead of shooting wood chips up to 9 metres, the attachment keeps most material within a small circle around the former stump.

The Compact Stumpex stump grinder is overall easier to clean up after and notably safer than other stump grinders available – for example, if you’ve got to remove stumps between a street and a pathway, you don’t have to put up barriers and stop traffic.

With Stumpex, less is more:

  • No Carbide Tools to Replace
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low RPM Auger Bit Leads to Easy Clean-up and has no High Speed Flying Debris for Safer Work Zone
  • Fraction of Work Time Compared to Conventional Stumpers
  • Mount on Compact Utility Loaders with 37-61LPM / 2,000 to 3,000 psi
  • Open Frame for Free Materal Flow
  • Mini QA Design Only

How it works:

  • Any Species of Wood
  • Durable AR500 Steel Blades make the Stumper Tough, Even in Rocky Conditions
  • Safer than Conventional Stumpers due to Slow Rotation Auger Bit Action


Flow LPM:

Speed RPM:

Depth into Stump Per Min (10mm bit):

37 21 175 mm
41 23 200 mm
45 25 225 mm
49 27 250 mm
53 29 275 mm
57 31 290 mm
61 33 315 mm


  • Fecon-Australia-Compact-Stumpex-StumpGrinder-SkidSteer-5
  • Fecon-Australia-Compact-Stumpex-StumpGrinder-SkidSteer-4
  • Fecon-Australia-Compact-Stumpex-StumpGrinder-SkidSteer-3
  • Fecon-Australia-Compact-Stumpex-StumpGrinder-SkidSteer-2
  • Fecon-Australia-Compact-Stumpex-StumpGrinder-SkidSteer-1


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