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FTX150 Tracked Mulching Tractor
140 hp
Hydraulic Flow
227 LPM
8118 kg

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Discover what Fecon mulching / forestry tractors can do for you.

Fecon forestry and mulching tractors deliver excellent ROI for the equipment investment.

Our reputation for durability, reliability and operator support is recognised across our line of tracked carriers, from the FTX150 to the FTX600. Fecon mulching tractors offer a versatile and efficient mix of power, control and speed, delivering supreme results and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Our tractors are built brutally tough, and operator-friendly so you can clear the way to a job well done.


Cummins Engine HP 140 200 310 600
Weight (kg): 8118 11838 14402 24667
Hydraulic Pressure (PSI): 5000 5000 5400 5800
Hydraulic Flow (LPM): 227 302 435 711
Reverse Camera: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Winch: Option Option Yes Yes
Mulcher Option: BH85HD RK8620 BH120 BH300

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This low 3.8 PSI ground-pressure tractor features a BH85SD Bull Hog Mulcher with either an FGT or a DCR style rotor.

An aggressive 227 lpm, 5,000 psi high flow hydraulic system, with in-cab adjustability with presets, powers the mulcher or other optional attachments like a Tree Shear, Stumpex, Grapple Bucket, Root Rake, Rotary Deck Mower, Dirt Bucket, and attachments requiring high flow hydraulics or low flow auxiliary hydraulics.

Fecon Power Management® ensures the intelligent distribution of power, yielding up to 20% more productivity in many environments.

With 140+ net HP the FTX150 is long on power yet is surprisingly efficient on fuel consumption at just 20 litres per hour on average. It is ideal for lot clearing, vegetation management, R.O.W. and maintenance of way clearing, landscaping and so much more.


Fecon introduces the Tier-4 Stage-5 compliant FTX200 Mulching Tractor which includes the Fecon Power Management System for unrivaled power and performance in the 200HP class.

The newest addition to our family of Forestry Mulchers is designed from the ground up, with design influence from the very popular FTX600, giving it big tractor features in a more compact package. This low-ground pressure (4.2 psi) tractor features an oscillating undercarriage with 24” track shoes, providing balanced traction and impressive handling on all ground conditions.

A spacious cab features a panoramic view, air suspension and a heated seat for operator comfort. A larger touchscreen IQAN display, a large rear-view camera display mounted in line-of-sight on the front grid window, and keyless ignition with security, are provided for performance and control.

With a unique combination of power, durability, size and production capability, the Fecon FTX200 is ideal for projects in R.O. W., urban interface, and land improvement or development.


The FTX300 is the latest addition to our lineup of forestry mulchers and is loaded with impressive features: oscillating undercarriage with 760mm track shoes, front mount lift height 1120mm under cutting tools, large tilting cab for service access, wide engine compartment doors, sides and rear
air suspension, heated seat, large 18cm touchscreen display, keyless ignition with security, factory service remote connectivity, standard IQAN controls with Fecon Power Management, 585mm ground clearance for greater accessibility and 310hp delivered by a Cummins B6.7 Engine.

It’s a genuinely impressive machine with unrivalled performance, durability and build quality. Click here to view the detailed FTX300 Product Page.


Innovation and experience drive the design of the FTX600.

A Cummins QSX15 Engine provides the power for high production on the large jobs. Oscillating track frames, responsive controls and even weight distribution give the FTX600 the agility for excellent handling on all terrains and in deep woods.

Twin hydraulic circuits to the work equipment transfers aggressive power to the BH300 Bull Hog Mulching Head for impressive cutting performance. Individual circuit filtration adds service life to pumps, motors and high performance components. Service point placement makes all daily checks possible from ground level.

An efficient cab layout for operator comfort offers the control centre for productivity to set the pace and stay ahead of schedule.

Fecon FTX Forestry Tractor

Fecon FTX150 Forestry Tractor

Fecon FTX300 Forestry Tractor

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