XCMG XE55U Mini Excavator

Unmatched Performance, Durability and Value in a Mid-Sized Mini Excavator.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

5700 kg

Aux Hydraulics

158.4 LPM

Engine Power

41.8 HP

Overall Width

1960 mm

With a powerful yet efficient Kubota 2403 engine and premium quality hydraulic componentry, the XE55U delivers efficient and durable performance.

The XE55U mini excavator cooperates with multi-functional working tools to complete tasks such as excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping, lifting, etc. in hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland transformation and oil pipeline works.

With reinforced strong structural components, it is applicable across all types of earthworking, road construction and municipal engineering, completing tasks with supreme efficiency.

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Designed to combine power and smoothness, the XE55U is ready to take on the challenge.

This short-tail 5.7 tonne machine can easily perform on your jobsites even in confined spaces. Its versatility is enhanced by two standard hydraulic circuits (AUX1 & AUX2) and precise oil flow control. Excellent digging and lifting performance together with smooth driving performance make this XE55U the complete package and the benchmark of its size class.

The Kubota V2403 Stage V common rail diesel engine with EGR, DOC and DPF technology is an excellent match with our improved hydraulic load sensing system. This combination ensures fuel efficient and smooth control, regardless of its load. Our powerful XE55U has therefore become more fuel efficient even under the heaviest circumstances, and is a pleasure to operate.



This tight tail swing model and short slewing radius prove to be highly versatile when undertaking operations in a confined space.

The left and right boom swing angle is respectively 70° and 53°, it can realize complex operation together with upper structure slewing to ensure that the digging is parallel with wall surface in narrow space through the cooperation of upper structure slewing so as to easily deal with various operating conditions.

With the XE55U mini excavator, your comfort comes first. The cab has a wide entrance door, which makes it more accessible, and the OPG/TOPS/ROPS (ISO 3471) cabin maximises your safety. The cab is spacious, ergonomic, climate-controlled and overall extremely comfortable for most operators.



The XCMG XE55U has been designed and manufactured with particular attention to producing easy service access. With a single access point for the daily maintenance of all main components, fuel level gauge and refuelling through the lockable cap.

The XE55U is also designed for lower maintenance cost with longer service intervals – resulting in more machine availability on-site. Meanwhile, skilled XCMG-trained technicians are available to provide extra support when needed.


Key Performance Specs

Operating Weight:5700 kg
Engine:Kubota V2403
Power:31.2kW / 41.8HP
Max Torque:1500 Nm
Max Speed:4.6km/h
Hydraulic Flow:158.4 LPM
Dig Depth & Reach:3640 / 6110 mm
Bucket Digging Force:44.5 kN
Arm Digging Force:24.3 kN

Additional Specs

Overall Width:1960 mm
Swing Speed:9.5 RPM
Main Pump Type:Rexroth
Dipper Length:1570 mm
Boom Length:2850 mm
Dozer Blade:Included
Pipe:Single / Bi-directional
Emergency Stop:Included


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