XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator

4 Tonnes of Pure Performance, Design, Innovation and Comfort.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

4200 kg

Aux Hydraulics

108 LPM

Engine Power

41.1 HP

Overall Width

1740 mm

With a powerful Yanmar 3TNV88F engine and premium quality hydraulic componentry, the XE35U delivers efficient and durable performance.

The XE35U mini excavator cooperates with multi-functional working tools to complete tasks such as excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping, lifting, etc. in hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland transformation and oil pipeline works.

The overall shape of the XE35U adopts a tailless design, which is flexible and versatile for operating in tight and small spaces, such as urban streets and residential properties. The minimised slewing radius ensures improved convenience and safety.

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Developed with the concept of “Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Comfortable”, the XE35U hydraulic excavator offers additional value to the operator. New features are presented making the machines more productive, versatile, and cost effective.

The XE35U’s Yanmar 3TNV88F Stage V engine, along with the load-sensing hydraulic system, provides high operating efficiency and fuel economy.

This compact excavator is designed and built to work on more jobsites while reducing risk of damage to the machine and its surroundings.

Moreover, convenient accessible service points make maintenance easier and reduce your potential downtime.



With zero tailswing, 360˚ slewability, excellent stability and smooth control, combined with unmatched power and efficiency, makes it a versatile excavator which performs at its best in urban areas.

Ideal for a wide variety of projects, including demolition, roadworks, landscaping and much more.



The XE35U mini excavator offers the operator a large, comfortable workspace. The ergonomic layout of the controls, the travel pedals, and the adjustable wrist rests, are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Daily checks and regular service points including fuel and hydraulic oil fill are easily reached via the tiltable cabin. The main hydraulic valve and lines are also easily reached through a removable floor plate and side panels. The XE35U also has durable steel body panels all around, offering good resistance to impact damage after a potential incident.

In addition, the XE35U is designed for lower maintenance cost with longer service intervals – resulting in more machine availability on-site. Meanwhile, skilled XCMG-trained technicians are available to provide extra support when needed.


Key Performance Specs

Operating Weight:4200 kg
Engine:Yanmar 3TNV88F
Power:30.7kW / 41.1HP
Max Torque:1320 Nm
Max Speed:3.6km/h
Hydraulic Flow:108 LPM
Dig Depth & Reach:3060 / 5300 mm
Bucket Digging Force:28.6 kN
Arm Digging Force:20.3 kN

Additional Specs

Overall Width:1740 mm
Swing Speed:9 RPM
Main Pump Type:Hengli
Dipper Length:1350 mm
Boom Length:2560 mm
Dozer Blade:Included
Quick Hitch:Twin lock
Emergency Stop:Included


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