XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator

1.7 Tonnes of Pure Performance, Durability and Value.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

1795 kg

Aux Hydraulics

64.4 LPM

Engine Power

15.8 HP

Overall Width

990-1240 mm

With a powerful Kubota D902 engine and premium quality hydraulic componentry, the XE17U delivers efficient and durable performance. The ROPS and FOPS cab meets Australian safety requirements and provides a safe lock function. The XE17U also delivers exceptional breakout digging force with its reinforced arm, stick and bucket. Maintenance is also simple and efficient to minimise downtime and maximise work time.

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This mini excavator is ready for today’s tough jobs. With a ROPS/FOPS canopy, the XE17U provides excellent visibility, stability, optimal comfort and safety.

Ideal for tough jobs in tight corners that demand precision control and state-of-the-art performance, the XE17U is ready to work. Includes many advanced features: Zero-tail swing, hydraulic retractable undercarriage, boom swing, short and long arm and powerful digging forces.

Add high reliability, low operating costs, and superior efficiency, and you’ve got the ideal mini excavator for a wide range of modern jobs.



The XE17U provides an uncompromised operator environment – which, together with excellent visibility, provides unmatched operator comfort and safety.

This machine is built around the operator, providing optimal ergonomics for operators of all sizes. Access to the seat is convenient thanks to the large entry.



With zero-tail swing, even the tightest space becomes an efficient work place.

The tail always stays within the width of the tracks (when extended) and lets you turn the canopy throughout its 360-degree turning radius with complete confidence and safety.

When developing our zero-tail XE17U, balance, fast and smooth operation was our main goal. The result is a compact excavator with excellent balance that comes to its full potential in urban environments, landscaping, and small demolition in and outside buildings.


Key Performance Specs

Operating Weight:1795 kg
Engine:Kubota D902
Power:11.8kW / 15.8HP
Max Torque:1800 Nm
Max Speed:3.9km/h
Hydraulic Flow:64.4 LPM
Dig Depth & Reach:2290 / 3900 mm
Bucket Digging Force:16 kN
Arm Digging Force:10 kN

Additional Specs

Overall Width:990-1240 mm
Swing Speed:10 RPM
Main Pump Type:Rexroth
Dipper Length:950 mm
Boom Length:1830 mm
Dozer Blade:Included
Quick Hitch:Mechanical
Emergency Stop:Included


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