JCB JZ140 Excavator

An extremely productive reduced tailswing excavator.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

16050 kg

Aux Hydraulics

2x124 LPM

Engine Power

109 HP

Overall Width

2500 mm

JCB’s 14 tonne excavator, the JCB JZ 140DLC is an extremely productive reduced tailswing tracked excavator.

A reduced tailswing design offers you greater levels of safety than a conventional excavator because manoeuvrability is superior, especially in restricted spaces. However, the benefits don’t end there.

You’ll find that a JCB JZ140 excavator is an extremely efficient and innovative machine, with the latest EcoMAX engine and state-of-the-art hydraulics fitted. Moreover, the cab and controls are incredibly intuitive, ergonomic and comfortable, and you’ll also find this excavator very easy to service and maintain.

  • JCB-JZ140JCB-JZ140DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire-4DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire
  • JCB-JZ140DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire-4
  • JCB-JZ140JCB-JZ140DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire-4DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire-4
  • JCB-JZ140DLC-14-tonne-15-tonne-excavator-for-hire-2



The JCB 14 tonne tracked excavator’s 7 inch colour multi-function display is easy to read in all light conditions, provides instant operational information, and has a customisable home screen.

Our new tool select system (fitted as standard) allows the operator to set up the single direction auxiliary and hammer circuit to match the flow requirements. The selected flow is achieved by automatically adjusting the engine revs when the hydraulic service is operated.

JCB SMART Control gives access to variable working modes with a manually selectable High Plus mode for ultimate productivity.

The JZ140 excavator creates a quieter working environment inside and out. Because we’ve reduced noise levels to 72dB(A) inside and 99dB(A) outside, you can use your excavator at any location, any time.

This cab uses 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration, and it’s positively pressured to keep out dirt and dust. There’s also a spacious luggage tray, as well as a large floor area with large high grip pedals.

A climate control option offers a precisely controlled cab temperature with fresh or recirculated air. Demisting/defrosting functions keep a JZ140 excavator’s front window clear.



A reduced tailswing configuration is perfect for working in urban environments or where space is at a premium. In short, because the JCB JZ140 excavator’s tail movement is easier to predict and control, safety and operator confidence are increased significantly.

This tracked excavator is tailor-made for applications like urban building sites, motorway work, house building, forestry, utilities, railways and commercial buildings.

The JCB 14 tonne excavator is fitted with a rear-view camera as standard, and you can choose to add a side-view unit.

An all-new step layout has improved access to the upper structure. The main valve block is located under the steps so you can inspect it very easily.

A 70/30 front screen split gives JCB 14 tonne tracked excavators excellent front visibility. A clear view of the front right track provides easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring.

The optional boxing ring maximises safety for anyone working on the back of your machine. There’s also an optional green seatbelt beacon, as well as optional LED lighting to boost both safety and productivity.



JCB’s all-new easy-to-use quickhitch system makes attachment changing quicker and easier for you, and is purpose-designed for the JS tracked excavator range.

A standard dozer blade increases versatility when you’re grading. Choose the optional rubber street pads and you can use your JCB 14 tonne excavator on sensitive ground like tarmac without causing damage.

Simultaneous tracking and excavating is smooth and fast with an intuitive multifunction operation. Proportional controls offer you precise command over attachments and in tasks where you need to perform fine adjustments.

A JCB 14 tonne excavator is a solid, stable work platform for fast cycle times, while a massive 92kN bucket tearout – with correspondingly fast cycle times – makes this excavator extremely productive in all applications.

Because there’s no DPF on a JCB EcoMAX engine, you benefit from lower maintenance costs. JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system means oil is recycled across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.


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