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Choosing a brush cutter for your track loader or skid steer is an important business decision. For efficiency and money and productivity, you want to make that selection based on what you’ll be cutting, the terrain, desired end results, and ultimately, the cost per acre cleared.

The Davco® industrial strength rotary Brush Cutters are hard to beat when you’re doing roadside, right-of-way, seismic, sight lines, other vegetation clearing, or for when you just need to knock it down. So whether you’re cleaning up trails, preparing sites for construction projects, providing fire-control, clearing orchards, lease reclamations, or fence line maintenance, by combining a track loader or skid steer with ranges from 37-170 LPM the Davco® industrial strength rotary Mulcher/Brush cutter you have made the best choice with efficient low cost per acre cleared.

Davco® Industrial strength rotary Brush Cutters are engineered, designed & built to be the leader in Industrial Strength and Quality, achieving low Operating cost with low maintenance. This heavy-duty Rotary Mulcher/Brush Cutter is fast cutting, easily mounted and uses tremendous flywheel inertia generating torque and does not require a high RPM to give it its optimum cutting speed. This design enables the owner to compete with much larger Horse Power machines because it stores the energy built up from its tremendous flywheel inertia.

Davco® Industrial strength rotary Mulcher/Brush cutters’ design spreads out the weight for better flotation in soft ground and for climbing hills, and is as wide as the machine so the tracks are better protected. If you are serious about making a living from cutting brush, shrubs, and trees up to 6-inches, and you require lower operating costs.


Now available from ASV Sales & Service: the Davco HD 706 EVO Brushcutter.

Ideal for use on high flow skid steers and track loaders (such as the ASV RT-120 Posi-Track), the HD 706 clears dense grass and scrub quickly and efficiently.

Weight:907 kg
Required Hydraulic Flow:117-170 lpm
Required Hydraulic Pressure:3000 psi
Length:2006 mm
Width:1880 mm
Height:685 mm
Cutting Width:1778 mm
Cutting Capacity:152 mm
Operation:True Direct Drive
Warranty:12 Months


Ideal for use on mid-sized skid steers and track loaders, designed for hours of low maintenance and easy operation.

Weight:443 kg
Required Hydraulic Flow:57-75 lpm
Required Hydraulic Pressure:3000 psi
Length:1828 mm
Width:1524 mm
Height:521 mm
Cutting Width:1473 mm
Cutting Capacity:76 mm
Operation:True Direct Drive
Warranty:12 Months

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