ASV MAX-Series Posi-Track Loaders

All the usual Posi-Track features, plus brand-new next-gen cabs for a premium operator experience like never before.




While ASV MAX-Series machines are purpose-built with the same technology as our full lineup of compact track loaders, they also feature a brand-new, next-generation cab and other features for a premium operator experience like never before.




ASV RT-65 MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader
Operating Weight
3393 kg
Tipping Load
2495 kg
Ground Pressure
4.2 psi
Engine Power
67 hp

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ASV VT-70 MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader
Operating Weight
3465 kg
Tipping Load
3030 kg
Ground Pressure
4.5 psi
Engine Power
74.3 hp

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ASV RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader
Operating Weight
4110 kg
Tipping Load
3564 kg
Ground Pressure
3.5 psi
Engine Power
74 hp

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ASV RT-75HD MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader
Operating Weight
4178 kg
Tipping Load
3629 kg
Ground Pressure
3.6 psi
Engine Power
74 hp

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With our MAX-Series machines, we stripped down and reimagined every single machine detail. From premium 360-degree visibility to our roomiest design yet, these loaders are designed with creature comforts that let you work more comfortably for longer periods of time.

Plus, every MAX-Series machine is built to lead the industry in hydraulic performance, tractive effort, undercarriage technology, reliability and serviceability, meaning you’ll be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


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Our MAX-Series machines feature panoramic, all-clear sides for premium 360-degree visibility. The design delivers up to 52% more visible area than our previous cabs and allows for optimal unobstructed views when you’re on the job. Plus, MAX-Series loaders were built with the industry’s first roof escape hatch and offer an optional heavy gauge, falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 2 cab rating for improved falling object protection and unmatched impact resistance.



MAX-Series cabs are designed with a spacious interior—including additional legroom, shoulder room and foot room—and improved ergonomics from corner to corner in order to reduce fatigue during long days and long jobs. An industry-leading cab pressurization system keeps dust and debris out of the cab and maintains desired temperatures, while an upgraded HVAC system allows for ideal circulation and better climate control. So, no matter what kind of conditions you’re working in, you’ll stay comfortable from start to finish.



With more user-friendly technology than ever, MAX-Series cabs make sure you’re always in control. A state-of-the art display panel features a 7-inch full-colour touchscreen for visibility to vital monitoring specs and the backup camera. The touchscreen can be customized with operator preferences and has the ability to integrate with service history and schedules. When it comes time to get the job done, you can take advantage of intuitive switch access and a dual-throttle capability that lets you work at a set RPM with dial control and increase RPM with a foot throttle—just more ways for you to stay in control at all times.



As with the rest of our compact track loader lineup, MAX-Series machines are built with our patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology for more traction, speed and performance—enabling operators to be productive in conditions that might prevent other equipment from working at all. The unique rubber-on-rubber wheel-to-track contact points and fully suspended frames reduce wear and tear on the machines while also improving ride quality and comfort.

RT-65 Sideslope - ASV S&S Edit-min


From concept to creation, the machines we manufacture are some of the best in the business. They offer years of reliability, hard work and productivity—and we back that promise with an industry-leading warranty. The warranty includes 2 years/2,000 hours of coverage for the full machine, including the tracks on compact track loaders and the industry’s first no-derailment guarantee.

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